Portable emergency Outdoor equipment emergency bag survival Kit box self-help box SOS equipment for Camping Hiking


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Product configuration table
The product name
Characteristics of the
Multifunctional flashlight pliers
Fold: length 7.1 cm * 2.9 cm * 1.6 cm wide
Open: length 14.8 cm * 14.5 cm width
1. super energy saving LED flashlight 
Function is much and very practical. Functions can be folded, open. And fold or open the tightness is adjustable. After folding cabinet and convenient to carry. LED flashlight super energy saving, long using time.
2. long nose pliers
3. nut jaw
4. incision, cut fine wire
5. bottle opener,
6. a screwdriver
7. the knife
8. phillips screwdriver
9. the knife
Rare earth alloy fire stick
Rare earth alloy fire stick diameter of 8 mm
Rare earth alloy spark length 67 mm
Unable to light with fire directly, fell into the water, fishing up dry can immediately make fire again. Rare earth alloy can spark in the damp, cold and low pressure fire in the rain and snow weather.
Needle guide (north)
20 mm in diameter
Indicate the position
Flexible high sensitivity.
Emergency whistles
Length 7.5 cm * 1.2 cm in diameter
Call for help
Voice loud and clear, seal, sealing well. Tablets can be put on personal information, etc.
Waterproof seal warehouse
Multi-function tool
Long width of 7 cm * 4.5 cm * 0.2 cm thick
1. canned
Small volume features much cheaper.
2. side knives
3. a screw up
4. the ruler
5. bottle up
6. outside hexagonal wrench
7. adjustable wrench
8. double row crisscross saw wrong
9. direction identifier
10. positioning wrench
11. the round hole
Wire saw
All saw 70 cm long. Is composed of three parts, respectively is the saw blade, band, TAB.
Cut off the piece of wood, plastic, bone, etc
Saw blade sharp and smooth does not hurt the hand, is the fastest existing pocket jigsaw.
High quality reducing ma sha tin box
Length is 95 mm * 66 mm width * height 29 mm
Storing things
Arc design, and box lid retraction product design more embodies the humanized design.
White card paper carton
Length, width of 9.6 cm * 9.6 cm * 3 cm height
Prevent product surface friction
The beauty is generous.
Product data sheet in both English and Chinese
Length is 8.5 cm * 5.5 cm width
Introduce the product
In a split second he had open the manual.

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