How To Rock Your Wedding Decorations With DIY Kits

How To Rock Your Wedding Decorations With DIY Kits

My wife and I love to go to movies. We recently went and saw "Captain America: Civil War". Which we really liked. And what amazes me about movies - even the bad ones, is that how much craftsmanship goes into the making of these movies.

And I don't just mean the acting. And the lighting and filming.

But really, how many of these sets are hand-built. From scratch.

And how they make the movies come alive in front of our eyes.

The same thing is true for weddings. What turns a ho-hum wedding into a spectacular event is the little details.

But most of us do not have millions of dollars to make our weddings look like a million dollars.

Yet with some simple DIY craftsmanship you can pull off some amazing decorations.

For example, if you are having a sit-down reception with assigned seating, you need to identify the tables.

While you could put out boring placards, do you know what would be even better?

Illuminated numbers on the tables. The example turns simple cardboard cutouts and votive candles into a romantic identifier for your tables. This is simple for any adult to make using the kit.

You may have drinks to put on ice to chill down for the reception. And we all know ice cubes are boring. Hardly romantic. Yet, on the wedding kit site, they show how to use silk roses in the ice to make your ice cubes part of your romantic decorations. And even older kids can help make these decorations.

And if you have out of town guests, you can provide them with a special treat. With an extra special homemade smores kit.

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