Non contact LCD Laser Gun Infrared Digital Electronic Industrial Thermometer Temperature Meter Gauge


$35.00 $45.00


This non-contact infrared thermometer could be used to measure the temperature of objects' surface which surpasses the traditional way of the contact thermometers. It provides fast, easy and accuracy readings with LCD backlight display. It widely used to be measure the temperature in industry, home or other where.

Main Features:

- Unique flat surface, modern gun appearance design, convenient use for home, industry or other where.
- Precise Non-contact measurements, user laser targeting for any object you want to measure.
- LCD with backlight display, provides fast and accuracy readings.
- Simple one-handed operation, easy to use, C or F select switch provides for you to choose.
- Laser ON / OFF switch.
- Automatic power off, automatic data hold, the data won't be lost.
- Large field of view, the meter at 10 inches away measure 1 inch target.
- Max, Min temperature record, can provide more useful data.
- Convenient use for home, industry or other where.

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