New Silicone Swimming Web Swim Gear Fins Hand Flippers Training Glove 2 colors 3 sizes swimming gear-PY


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  • Good performance soft silicone material. Extra elasticity and special cut. Hydrodynamic shape. Reusable design.  Swim and catch a wave faster. Increase resistance and improve technique. Elastic. Made of silicone. Easy to use & store. These swimming webbed hand will meet the need of swimming beginners
Use Swimming Web for:
  • Competitive swimming
  • Surfing
  • Body surfing
  • Scuba diving/snorklling
  • Water polo
  • Triathlon training
  • Open water swimming
  • Water areobics
  • Water rehabilitation and therapy
Why swimming Web ?
  • Speed (Hydrotraction) : swim and catch a wave faster
  • Training : Increase resistance and improve technique .Great for beginners .
  • Hydrogrip :Swimming Web provides full flexibility of your hand and increases hold on slippery surfaces
  • Fun:Swimming Web comes in multiple colors and can be used by children and adults of all ages
  • Hydrodynamic design is easy to use
  • patented 5 finger Silica gel design
  • Swimming Web is a unique patented designed water accessory that works like a webbed glove withput the full hand enclosure and extra weight of watergloves .Swimming Web fits over the fingers and creates a water pocket-like many water animals with webbed feet -providing maximum efficiency to the user when swimming
How to Put on Swimming Web ?
  • Lay the Swimming Web on your palm Stretch your fingers and slide them into Swimming Web
  • Gently push Swimming Web against your free palm until your finger tips come out .
  • Adjust the thumb web to the proper positive and the rest fingers
  • Follow the same procedures for the other hand
  • Color: Blue / Green
  • Size : S / M / L. As the pictures show
S: Suitable Children
M: Suitable Adult Woman Or Older Children Over The Age Of 12

L: Suitable Adult Man

Swim Web  x 1 pair

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