New 8 led solar lamp solar charging lamp table lamp desk energy saving reading lighting


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Item description :
Lamp bead specifications: 8pcs LED lamp bead
Power/lumens: 0.5 W
The lighting time: 5-6 hours
Main material: ABS.
Battery specification: 3.7 V / 600 mah
Solar panel specifications: 5 v / 80 ma
Lamp bead specifications: LED lamp bead
Product size: 100 * 92 * 260 (mm)
Product features:
1, products with lithium polymer battery, a charge 7 hours, sustainable lighting, circulation charge and discharge up to 500 times, each charge is a cycle, the batteries are no cycles (if electricity haven't put the filling time, also want to be a cycle: oh, it is best to use plug or USB, such use will last longer)
2. the new highlights, LED lamp bead life 100000 hours
3. can use USB, quite flexible.
The lamp that shield an eye cixin using the most advanced technology, truly no stroboscopic, anti-dazzle eye, do not produce ultraviolet infrared, no radiation, high efficiency and energy saving.In addition, the built-in rechargeable lithium batteries, is one of the highlights, the lamp can remove the power cord, to where, where is very convenient and very suitable for the use of students and white-collar workers.
The whole lamp consists of PC and ABS material, the surface of the lacquer that bake process, bright and clean appearance, superhard protection, abrasion resistance, ensure the like new bright beautiful appearance.A three-stage folding design, simple elegance.Opening and closing shaft made by metal material, to ensure that ten thousand times can still maintain good damping.
Most of the lamp that shield an eye on the market, generally USES a high frequency electronic ballasts, to eliminate the human eye can perceive the flicker phenomenon, alleviate eye fatigue, but will produce strong radiation.Desk lamp and within easy reach of the head, the contact time is too long, will produce dizziness, headache, fatigue and other symptoms.
This LED desk lamp USES the latest technology, fundamentally eliminate the stroboscopic, radiation from happening, to achieve real eye no radiation.Scattering Angle is big, illumination uniformity, long service life, realize the ultra-thin highlight eye.Dc power supply lamp, LED light source, will not have any harmful radiation.
Package Included:
1x solar desk LED Light
1x USB Cable

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