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  • 100% Brand New.
  • Material:Water, Butylene, Glycol, Copolymer, Ceteth-20, Sodium, Acrylic
  • 12 Kinds ofColor for your choose: Red, Green, Orange, Gray, Purple, Black, White, Yellow, Light Blue, Rose Red, Dark Blue, Blue
  • Unit quantity: 5g
  • Effect: Color-changing
  • Type: Nail Art
  • Subtype: Nail Pens
  • How to use:
    When you get this pen, Simply shake the bottle well before use and pump the tip until the color starts to flow. Open the lid, you will see the nib is high stiff and white thing. How to make the pen work? It's easy. Find a stiff plane place and press the nib.( pen point is flexible and you can press It's like a switch) Then cover the lid and swing it several times, you will see the color runs to the lid. Easy huh? If the first time the water is not enough, just cover the lid and swing more times. Very simple, everybody can control it.
  • This kind of Nail Art Pen with excellent quality and sale good.
  • Want to be a manicure talent? If you have it, it will come true.
  • The more colors you have, the more patterns you can make on your nails.
  • The quality of the manicure pen is great. The pigment is made of high-end materials. It's incomparable.
  • It is absolutely safe for you to use them.
  • Please be assured to use them and make your own design of your nail pattern.
  • If you carelessly draw the color on your hand, try to use nail polish removal pen to scribble slightly, the color will be gone
  • If you place the pen for a long time. The tip of the pen will be dry, try to use needle to stab it several times. The problem will be resolved.
  • Please Note: that due to lighting effect and computer color, the actual colors may be slightly different from the picture

Package Content:

  • 1x Nail Art Pen

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