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The DTL-01A Handheld Digital Multimeter with eight functions measures AC and DC voltage, DC current, resistance, electrical capacitance, diode/transistor check and Type K temperature. This is the perfect addition to the tool set of any electrician or handyman.

Features and Specifications
Handheld digital multimeter with 8 functions including hFE diode check and audible continuity.
Full range overload protection and buzzer sound when resistance is lower than 1k ohm.
AC/DC 1000V/10A 450KHz 200uF 20Mohm Relative Measurement hFE Diode Check Continuity
All range fused (resettable) with 1 Year Warranty
DC Voltage: 200mV-500V
AC Voltage: 200V-500V
Direct Current: 200uA-10A
Resistance: 20-20M
Temperature: -40 Degrees C to 1000 Degrees C
Requires 9 Volt Battery, Not Included

Package Includes
1PC * Digital Multimeter

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