18 pcs Makeup Brushes Set Professional Makeup Brushes & Tools, With Drawstring Bag





All our Brushes were made of nature birch wool,

Ultra-fine synthetic hair has good adhesion to powder perfect feeling on your skin

Anti-bacterial craft

Antirust Aluminum tube

Portable Drawstring Bag as a Free gift

Package Component:

  1. Face Powder brush
  2. Blush brush
  3. Foundation Brush
  4. Eye Shadow Brush
  5. Angle Shadow Brush
  6. Eye Shadow Brush
  7. Angle Eye Shadow Brush
  8. Small Eye Shadow Brush
  9. Sector Brush
  10. Angle Shadow Brush
  11. Eye Brow Brush
  12. Eyeliner
  13. Lip Brush
  14. Concealer Brush
  15. Ultra-fine Eyeliner
  16. Shadow Sponge Brush
  17. Mascara brush
  18. Lash comb & brow comb

Product Details:

100% Brand new in retail package

Pure Black - 18 pcs of High Quality Makeup Brushes Set

Made of ultra-soft synthetic hair

Size of Brushes : around 17 cm ~ 20cm

Makeup Brushes Include: Powder, Blush, Eye shadow, Application Brushes

Protective portable drawstring bag

Bag Rolled-up size : 16cm(W) x 24cm(L)

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