Unique Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Ideas

Outdoor weddings are challenging endeavors that can have rewarding results. If the weather cooperates, your guests will not soon forget an outdoor ceremony with aninventive theme showered in sunlight. There are a number of unique outdoor wedding ceremony ideas that allow the planner to create an impression with the guests.


  • A seasonal wedding gives your outdoor wedding a theme depending on what time of year it is. Sunflowers in a watering can create a summery feel in the warmer months. You can decorate the ceremony area with autumn leaves in fall or drape fresh flowers over chairs, lecterns and arches in spring. In winter, accessorize the wedding dress with real or faux diamonds to give it a chilly sparkle.


  • A rustic outdoor wedding provides an authentic, down-home and comfortable feel to your nuptials. Decorate with earthy tones such as yellow, tan and maroon colors and build a theme around a favorite country flower or an insect such as a butterfly, suggests Favor Ideas. Holding the wedding near a wheat field or a barn can add to the look.

Sculpture Garden or Historical Park

  • Consider hosting the ceremony at a sculpture garden, which you can find at some art museums. The sculptures and artwork give your ceremony an artsy, one-of-a-kind feel. Or, if you can obtain the necessary permits, hold your wedding in a historical park. This can give the ceremony a romantic, old-fashioned feel with meaningful scenery.


  • A beach wedding is a popular option, although it requires some planning. Many private or even public beaches require a permit. If you can work out the particulars, however, a beach wedding offers the rewards of a unique setting with prime scenery. Use seashells, starfish and sand dollars to line the aisle and give it a special twist.

Botanic Garden

  • A wedding ceremony set in a botanic garden can provide a lush and colorful backdrop for your nuptials. The natural colors and smells of a garden will mean you will need to provide little in the way of extra decorations. Add candles or colorful table linens to accentuate and put your personal stamp on the look.


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